Create your own identity and believe in your self ……

Walking in the footsteps of your Mentor…

Who inspire you follow his inspiration or Idol person is amazing but become who you are and living your own footmark for others to follow is supper amazing.

Be the reference point to people if you really want to achieve fame ,respect and money in a very optimistic way and always concentration on yourself .

Go spiritually to find who you really are with your max potential.

Your mind is a power full things and your body is best tools to take action .

Pain must come , may it come quickly ?

Every time you think i have moved on ,you end up back in it again !Walk away and let life take care of you.

Try to find 

  • I never want to be ……..
  • I just want to be…….
  • your most un happy peoples are your greatest source of learning….
  • you earn reputation by trying to do hard things well …….
  • Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone….
  • Don’t be afraid t ask for help……
  • Your action provides result…….
  • Track your progress…..
  • Continue learning…
  • Can you Relate to this …….
  • Do everything a normal person does, you’ll be okay!

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