Work time and free time.

These are things that employees frequently say.

Unfortunately, many people don’t like their jobs. Even worse, they divide their life between two continuums: work time and free time.

Free time is a good word for it because if they aren’t working, they’re not making money. This, of course, is why even though they don’t like their job, they still get up every Monday and go to the office.

I mean there is a fundamental difference between the mind of the entrepreneur and that of the employee.

The entrepreneur doesn’t view life as divided between work and play. Rather all of life is play, including work.

So they don’t live for the weekend or dread Mondays.

One of the ways you can move from depending on a job for your livelihood to controlling your financial destiny is to set goals like a pro.

For many people, setting goals is almost worse than going to work!

If you take the time to do it right, the growth you see in your life will be motivation enough to keep doing it — and loving it.

Although many people set goals, they often fail to achieve them.
You need some additional options for what to do and when you use it effectively.

  1. Create some rules
  2. Take new habits
  3. To learn a new skill
  4. Fix family time
  5. Problem-solving
  6. Take the new project.
  7. …………

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