When you the power of discomfort, you observe 

1.Learning comes from it.

2. You become an action taker, not just planning big.

3.You get a quick result or most of the result in your favor.

4.Give you the courage to fight against your comfort zone.

5.You always give the command and do not make a hurry to say NO.

6. It hit so hard sometimes…

7.You can easily create some good habits, it makes you more productive.

8.You start living a balanced life in each area.

9. You are investing money and time in a good manner.

10.Choose your discomfort wisely.


At the end, we will all be discomfort in one way or the other. The pain you don’t endure today will be tomorrow as a more painful pain tomorrow. If you pay now, you can play later. But if you play now you will pay gainfully later. 

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