Simple doesn’t mean that it is easy.

If you want to make your life simple then you have to do something never done before. You are the victim of what are you have done before the change or make simple.

My commitment to you is to continue sharing my knowledge, making it as clear and simple as possible.

Your commitment should be to get a true understanding and to dedicate your life to learning as well.

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The question you must ask yourself is what does it profit the financial industry to write in such complicated ways?

By doing so, you prey on those who have little-to-no financial intelligence.

Do you know why they call them brokers? Because they’re broker than you.”
Millions of people trust their hard-earned money to brokers, but the reality is that most brokers are simply salespeople for large financial firms that want your money not to provide returns but to charge fees.

However, just because something is simple doesn’t mean that it is easy.

  1. Use self-awareness/mindfulness and meditation to become aware of your limiting core beliefs.
  2. Use positive thinking and visualization to counteract your limiting core beliefs.
  3. Habitually become a more positive thinker.
  4.  Positive thoughts and consequent positive feelings prompt you to take action on what you want to achieve.
  5.  More action leads to more success.

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