Running Out Of Time.

Its Google meaning is to have no more time to do or complete something you ran out of time and didn’t finish the project. Let’s try to polish up some of the details of the project before we run out of time.

It is the story of an old man when he spent his precious time stitching his financial game to start a tailer in a town, worked very hard. long story short one day thunder, storm create a blanket of the problem for the old man.
The next day he gets up and sees that the water level was increased every minute it converts into a flood old holds his switching machine on his shoulder and start searching for a new place with new hopes and deep faith.
After a few hours water rises up to his chest and he takes a deep breath, a big smile on his face knowing that no hope is there but holds the machine and moves.

I will stitch someone’s cloth and stitch my life with joy. The courage of the old man was running out of time, they never give up hope. This describes the continuous process i.e. you are still somewhere ‘within the time specified’.

We ran out of time – the continuity is gone. You are not within that specific time limit anymore.

It is sometimes useful to have one explanation that uses an example, and one that just defines.


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