Money is Merely a Tool.

STOP waiting for the right time to change your life! 
Make it happen by taking action today and today is the best day.
Your lives were and are defined by breaking the conventional rules.
Turns out, it is this bent towards rule-breaking that contributes to your success – to this day.
When it comes to money and investing, you have three fundamental reasons or choices for investing:

  1. It is Secure
  2. It is Comfortable
  3. It makes you Rich

Your understanding of money often shapes your life. And your understanding of money is often something that is passed down to us from a young age, received without a critical eye, and lived out in unseen ways.

Most of you think security and comfort will make them happy, but you all know employees who are miserable, even though they don’t have an immediate risk of losing their job.

This is because it’s money that enables happiness much more effectively than security and comfowealth as his number one priority.

Wealth is your number one priority. 

 Knowing your personal priorities will save you many agonizing decisions and sleepless nights later in life.

Money is merely a tool to save your time, health, and happiness.

Money is shaped by the teachings comfortable, and security is a personal core value. One is not better than the other.

You do know, however, that making the choice of which core values are most important to you often has a significant long-term impact upon the kind of life you live.

Your understanding and applying is the new money.

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