• You needed to invest both a lot of time & money to create products… 

        You know the secret word is an investment, so start learning how to invest it properly.  

  • You needed to do traditional advertising to get people’s attention… 

Things are MUCH EASIER today! 

Learn from the experience:

I want to talk to grades 6 and above students about failures, what they are and how to transform them into learning experiences, and how to handle their emotions in various situations.

All children are beautiful, handsome, and confident, eager to develop and manage themselves efficiently
Always make a pleasure to make them happy and successful.

I cannot teach anybody anything I can only make them think. I feel immense pride in being a teacher and being to help students across the globe. trying to help the students in all positive aspects or ways during this pandemic time.

 I will be teaching you some powerful nuggets of public speaking which will help you raise your knowledge to a higher level.
I am very excited to have you on this transformation day!

Most of the people say to you don’t spend much time thinking about what other people think. Think about what you think. Think instead about the results, about the impact, about whether it is the right thing to do.
The minute you realize and accept your worth, you shift your energy to attract people who truly value you. It starts with you, you deserve good things and a positive relationship.
You can not help those who won’t help themselves.

If you give yourself 30days to clean your home, it will take 30days. But if you give yourself 3 hours, it will take you 3 hours.
The same applies to your goals, ambition, and plans.
                                                                                                         Elon Musk
I have some homework for you to get the juices flowing and pump up your energy in preparation for the online masterclass.

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