Make to Do list.



Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear.


Focus on problem-solving, not on the problem.


Focus on correct yourself, not others don’t waste your time.


Focus on an easy way to solve your problem, don’t sit to think it’s difficult.


Focus on who can solve this problem, don’t waste your time solving it.


Focus on the right people who invest more time to solve more problems and quickly, don’t waste your time.


Focus on taking a baby step, don’t weigh for a big jump.


Focus on time management, don’t waste your time to involve in every work.


Focus on making a habit, don’t try everything at a time.


Focus on being happy, don’t try to make happy all followers.


Focus on lesion more, don’t speak more.


Focus on understanding and use nuggets in daily life book, don’t west to read more book.


Focus on the master of one book, don’t touch all crazy books.


Focus on self attitude, don’t follow all.


Focus on your own goals, don’t follow other’s goals.


Focus on taking action, don’t make the building of all ideas.


Focus on the quick decision, don’t make complicated or live for the next day


Focus on one area of your life,  don’t try to see all.


 Focus on 1% improvement every day, don’t try 100%  it is not an overnight game.


Focus on writing, don’t try to read my article always or others.


Focus on simple living, don’t make it complicated.


Focus on high thinking, don’t believe in others thinking


Focus on a creative attitude, don’t make complex.


Focus on calibrating every small winning, don’t wait for big winnings.


Focus on helping others with new skills, don’t give them money freedom.


Focus on what to do now, don’t making list.


Focus on your morning, don’t wait for the best day.


Focus on eating healthy homemade, don’t prefer online every time


Focus on drink pure, not mixed with acid, base, and salt.


Focus on wearing locally made cloth, don’t use foreign branded.


Focus on cleaning from own house, don’t focus on to clean whole country.


Focus on respect for all, don’t divide in ages, caste, and religion.


Focus on becoming a master, don’t learning all.


Focus on…..



Your focus needs more focus.

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