Our present circumstances show, millions upon millions of jobs can disappear in the blink of an eye.

Companies have cut multiple millions out of their existing budgets, frozen new hires, and transitioned people to working remotely.

For the majority of people, job security through a high-paying job is priority number one.

I didn’t want you to grow up to be an employee. I wanted you to grow up and be a business owner and investor.

Invest you time to learn, how to think like an entrepreneur?

If you are depending on  single income as a employ, i am sure being an employee was risky now a days.

To be an employee is an illusion of security. You have a steady paycheck, but you are not in control. You are at the mercy of the business owner and the economy. If either decide you are not needed, you lose your job—and if you’re really unlucky, lots of other things like your house, your car, and more. 

And today, unfortunately and clearly, it is riskier than ever to be an employee.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, and many people who have been laid off, fired or furloughed that I’ve talked to have simply said, “I’m not surprised. I’m just sad.”And to be honest, so am I. 

I’ve spent years teaching people that being an employee is the riskiest position to be in. I wish more had heard the message and more had changed their lives prior to this crisis. I feel for them and I feel for their families, but it’s still not too late to make a change. 

Because the other side of this crisis could be a gold mine for those with the right mindset.

Today, you can choose which financial path you want to take. Will it be job security? Financial security? Or Financial freedom?

At a minimum, I recommend becoming financially educated so you don’t have to rely on a job and also feel confident about your ability to invest in both good and bad times.

 It also takes a lot of passion, commitment, and vision. 

If you ever wanted an easy way to start your entrepreneurial journey and create passive income, then you don’t want to miss this.

How you can use his process to build your own lifestyle business.

All from short stories you can write and publish in less than a week

It’s never been clearer than it is now how dangerous it is to rely on your employer for financial security..

5 jobs that will disappear in near future 

  • Travel agent. It amazes me that a travel agent.
  • Taxi drivers. 
  • Store cashiers. 
  • Fast food cooks. 
  • Administrative legal jobs
  • HR roles. As you know 50% of work activities are technically automatable by adapting current technologies as you see with your open eyes.

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