The one key factor to having it all.
Why do some people believe they can have their profession, family, and themselves all functional, sane, and yes, even a happy life…


While others simply don’t imagine it’s possible in their lifetime?


What I found was one factor that did seem to tip the scale to whether you would answer “Yes” or “No” to the question…


Can you have it all?


In my opinion, the critical component to whether you can “have it all” or not depends upon ONE thing…


Do you control your schedule, or is your schedule dictated by someone else?


In other words…


Are you in charge of your time… or not?

Who determines when you show up at work?

Who dictates when you can go home to your kids?

Or, when weekend plans with family have to be altered because of business, is it your call or someone else’s?


Having control over your schedule is the only way to live your dream life…


This is financial freedom by doing what you love, having family time as much as you desire, and taking care of your own needs.

You’re in charge of your time…


You get to decide when to show up for work…


And you dictate when and how much time you want to spend with your family!


Fortunately, the rules for starting a business have changed.


Today you can start a business with almost no risk or a huge up-front investment.


To get help pursuing your dream life.

STOP waiting for the right time to have it all!


The rules have changed; it’s time to take charge of your life.


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