First you have to focus on Time , real estate, gold and silver.


Your second option is to learn how to invest your money to make it work for you.


With investing, people are primarily looking for two things…


  • Cash flow
  • Capital gains


With cash flow, you’re investing in something that pays you cash on a regular basis, like renting real estate to a tenant. 


Or you can sell and receive what’s called capital gains.


Capital gains is just another word for profit, so when you sell real estate or Bitcoin, your profit is called capital gains – and you pay taxes on that. The wealthy earn their money through both cash flow and capital gains and follow a simple cash flow pattern…


  1. Invest in an asset
  2. Get their money back
  3. Keep control of the asset
  4. Move their money into another asset
  5. Rinse and repeat


As the rich increase the velocity of their money, the cash flow from their assets far outpaces their expenses, and their purchasing power for more assets grows.


Either way, your fake money shouldn’t be sitting in a bank account because it does nothing for you; it should be in a real asset like real estate, gold, silver.


That’s how you’ll build wealth.


If you want to build wealth, you can’t remain an employee. Remember, the way we’re defining wealth is the way R. Buckminster Fuller put it…


“Wealth is a person’s ability to survive X number of days forward.”


Most people don’t have enough money saved to last them much more than a year if they stopped working. And it’s often because they’re trapped in the rat race of being an employee.


All of their money goes out either through expenses or through both expenses and liabilities like nice cars or video game systems.


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