The intellectual mind creates emotions in the form of emotional vibrations.

  1. How to activate the emotions? (It totally depends on our thought process, how we think, how we react).
  2. You are gifted by intellectual, because of this intellectual you can able to change the world, every one of this frequency in your body connected will reach other our above and one below.  We can just tap into a higher level to a lower level or a lower level to a higher level.  We have the ability to do that no other form of life can do that it is a magnificent concept, for example, let the glass of water, now water is energy or you know everything is energy ok, Let’s experiment when we take some water in a container and we heat it what is going to happen, water is vaporized (steam) in the air.

(Audience says:- Heat is energy, water is energy so energy can call another form of energy.  It sounds really well.)

No water anymore in the container and we see the steam can change in the forms of gas (Ether).  Keep thinking. Ether is on the higher level, steam is lower level, and water is at a lower level.  So the higher level of our mind is thinking at the greatest level of frequency creates emotions.

  1. Take a deep breath and think about your thoughts take a pen or paper write down all your thoughts and combined all the thoughts you get any ideas. When you start implementing your Ideas  ,work on it .It turns in to result.
  2. Everything you see is an IDEA come someone mind, for example, mobile, TV, Car, etc. It must convert into results.  It is a beautiful concept of the intellectual mind.  Most people missing after a few minutes if you want your idea to convert into a result look at the mind and paradigms. Sometimes you win or sometimes you learn. It totally depends on your demand, and whatever you think. Whatever you get it is depend on your daily activity or surrounding within which types of people. If you have a strong will then you definitely achieve great success, so put a close eye on ideas.
  3. Please spend your prime time, believing that your ideas fulfill your dreams, see the change in your attitude, feel every step close to your goal.  

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