“Happiness is something ready-made, it comes from your own action”.

                                                                                                                      -Dalai lama –

          When you start writing a Book, study more hours and my ambition is to help more (1 Lac) people to write his/her Books, in this time, now all top people in my industries work with us, get crores of rupees advance in my A/c for writing a Book.

  I write to motivate others to enhance your knowledge towards your goal what you really want or demand   and I want from a long time I am going to way journals write a book and the manner here by my mentors, my mentor  told me that everybody can write a book in his life it is a God gift because it is your right to create wealth, health, buildings can right everything in your life, I am writing a book. 

If I am doing you can also.  If you write a book you are automatically expert in your field.  The Book could be empty, the author looks different, it is a perceptional thing.

  The Book is more for you to do a business is like selling a real estate, selling gold, solver, you write all a book about finance and insurance. 

I think you should start thinking about it.  I am going to give you very valuable things put in my kind, very organized manner, it is the secret of success, organized information, intellectually directed. 

Write it or learn it.   Writing is the key to memorizing, reconstruction of your life according to your demand, write your mystics or doubt you deal with today. 

I see many people change his/her business writing a book. I have also Changed my business too, no question about it, my book going to change my business, so I am going to see you sent back will listen very carefully.  I am going to say you are a book and you changed your life properly. 

Write it with the greatest learning of my life think about my best.  This is the best thing never ever done in my career, and on one ever read it is OK.  It is about what is doing to show many fields, so many opportunities, so many possibilities, that I am going to invite you to write own story.   

You cannot escape from prison.  If you don’t know you are in one, I am a prison of my own making.  I am a prison of my book hold my bank. 

I have the potential to do anything in my life, what I want to do what matters what I say my family is only in my priorities. 

Close your eye and imagine what the book can do:

Ø   For you

Ø   For your business

Ø   For the world

Ø   What would you love

Ø   Really love to right

Ø   Would you love

Ø   Bestselling author

Ø   Would you love your book, sold in 100 copies

Ø   Would Do you want to receive multiplication Rupees?

Many ways of writing a book:

  1. Write
  2. Story telling
  3. Higher someone for type
  4. Convert language/translated 
  5. Copyright
  6. E-book
  7. Audible book
  8. Convert into game, movies 

So the starting points are Decision:-

    Your attitude and your choices help build the life you will live tomorrow.

          If you can see it in your mind you can hold it in your hand. 

What would you love to make more money, living royal life, spent family time, traveling the world, helping more people, sex, love, writing books etc. 

  You see the images, pictures imaginations, your desire, switch go and printout of the cover at first. As the Bestselling author I am print multiple colour covers of my book and put it in the bookstall, my bedroom, frame it put the all over in my room that I saw and then I have a command on my book. 

So happy and grateful now I am a bestselling author, go to the internet see the bestselling author’s list cut copy and paste our blog.  I am always told my friends that I am the bestselling author in my life within six months.  I manifest my rules.

Believe and your belief will create the fact:

[Bestselling author]

Available on all formats same concept in a different format. 

  1. Workbook.
  2. PPT
  3. Book
  4. Workshop
  5. Teaching

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