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Each day, You get to do what you love. 

your work is fun, and it never gets old.

You should love to move forward, work on it every day, want to be even better. As you know humor makes dealing with problems so much easier.

Always going with the flow is a much easier way to live. let the desire pull you and your dissatisfaction push you towards your goal /dream.

Dissatisfaction is a great motivation.
It helps you to keep you in alignment and grow all the time.

Life is like a map. You can see where you are and learn from the journey and also choose the route you take ahead.

If you have not experienced it what do you think?
Imagination is more important than knowledge. Study and reading the right materials is paramount to your success.
Just take action as they fight you. You have to force yourself to do things whether you are afraid of it or not.
The key point is if you are doing things in a certain way, the result must come. It is a universal law.

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