There is nothing amazing about you.  It is your gifts that you are amazing, a great perspective gift from God, not ours.  It is not about you, it is about your gifts. 

It is your gifts that are amazing not you.  You did not earn them, you do not deserve them, they can be taken away maximize them. But it is not you.

Humble leaders applying their gifts with the understanding it is not about them.  “They are applauding your giftedness”.  You did not earn or deserve the Gifts. They are from God. 

You are just a steward.  …. It is not about me…. The gifts are not yours, it was given to you that’s right nothing to do with us. 

Our gifts come from God.  You are your service and sharing your experience, strength, and hope.

  Keep the focus on gifts and the given of gifts can save one from a life of hardship and disappointment.  Gift can be taken away from you. 

They were given to you by God, I work with writers, what a wonderful creating exercise.  So much space in which to use our potential limitless. 

The sea is so big and my boat is so small.  Remove you from the middle of the picture, yes get out of your own way don’t be in the middle of the picture so good. 

Crises create questions and raise our sense of humidity. 

What are your gifts that you can share with the world, step deeper into them now, and add value to others? Wonderful. 

Seeing and seizing the moment.  The image you hold of yourself is reflected in everything you see around you.

  Take note, take hope, and take charge, so grateful for this I am doing every day.  Leadership develops daily, not in a day. 

I think what am doing right now that is right for tomorrow? I am delighted to listen to optimistic approach. 

Opportunity and challenges go together like success and failure


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