An Empty Bag cannot stand up.
An empty bag does not stand up straight because it has no substance on the inside.

Come the empty bag is gone. It has no substance on the ……

Better on the outside when we become bigger on the inside. Better inside, better outside.
When others first put me first humble down and God lifts up.
Always wants to make sure that they grab holds of empty Bags.
Good values should be the core of our lives. yes that’s good we need to understand carefully
You can not manage yourself until you understand yourself.

1.Become a better you

2.Understand your family relationship

3.Building from the inside out

4.You are still in your discovery stage but you are doing so well

5.Treat others like you would like to be treated

6.Understand your self….not only means be yourself or kind, accept yourself

7.Accept your self who you are? You had an opportunity

8.When you accept your self then you would change

9.Recognize reset change and get better every day.

10.It helps you coaches do mastermind.

The silver rule:- Treat others the way you’ll like to be treated. Think that’s when what I call the great it’s incredible. Always try to do what I ought to do and social. What you basically change your world is awesome and it is the answer, social trust is in values, just keep the good work. Personal freedom can thrive under the silver rules Bhagwat Geeta told us that. So in everything, do unto others what you would have them do to you, forth is sums-up the law. You can not imagine how impactful it is.

I am if I know who I am that gives me an identity. That advice helps you and I sure know it’s helping me.

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