Empathy as a tool for conflict resolution in conflict management.

Interactive session on the meaning of peace.

Impact of his information in conflict management .a practical session by participants in the employability training coaching as organized by international.

A healthy dose of a divergence of opinion helps in reducing considerable the likelihood of work place conflict.

Practical session on the impact of improperly managed expectation in conflict management

In the process employability training organized by international for young graduates.

Empathy means I don’t know what you know.

          I don’t want what you want, I don’t need what you need and that’s Okay.

Price is a story cheap is another way to stay scared. A low price is the last refuge for a marketer who has run out of generous ideas.

          Trust and attention are the two building blocks of the modern economy so we try to find it, work on it how it is possible to find.

          There is a difference between being good at what you do, being good at making a thing, and being good at marketing.

          We need your craft, without a doubt but we need your change even more.

          It is a leap to choose to make a change.  It feels risky, fraught with responsibility, and it might not work.  If you bring your best self to the world your best work, and the world doesn’t receive it, it is entirely possible that your marketing succeed.  

          It is entirely possible that you have empathy for what people were feeling.

          It is entirely possible that you choose the wrong access and that you failed to go to the edges.

It is entirely possible you were telling the wrong story to the wrong person in the wrong way on the right day, or even on a wrong day.

          Fine but that is not about you that is about your work as a marketer and you can get better at that craft.

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