Marketing is the act, of making change happen.  Making in insufficient you haven’t made until you’ve changed someone.

 Marketers make change happen:

If you can make someone better. 

If you can open a door for someone. 

If you can shine a light, that’s the act of marketing.  Because what you have done is brought on ideas or a product as a service to someone who needs it and offered them help.

 We need the smallest viable audience, not the biggest possible audience.


  1. Ask yourself who would miss me if I was gone?
  2. Who will say to me thank you for bringing me this?

 B.             My product is for people who believe me ___________.

  1. I will focus on people who want ______________.
  2. I promise that engaging with what I make will help you get __________.
  3. There enough as long as I stand for something.

C.            If you are a professional, make a promise and keep it.

Getting the words out:

  1. Do you know 10 people?
  2. Are there 10 people who trust you?

  D.            Are there ten people who will try?

  1. Do they say thank you and move on?
  2. Do they insist on telling other people?


          If they insist on telling other people you are set.

If they don’t then you need to make better work for finding the right 10 people.

The critic who does not like your work is correct.  The critic who says no one else will like your work is wrong.

Ask: Do you have any advice for me?

#        Average is another word for mediocre.

#        Why are the people who don’t choose you correct in their decision not to choose you. 

#        Picking an audience, It is not how much they have in their bank, it is how much are they willing to spend to solve this problem.

Marketing makes change happen for the smallest viable audience and by delivering anticipated, personal, and relevant messages that people actually want to get.

Marketers have the empathy to know that those they seek to serve don’t want what the marketer wants, don’t believe what they believe, and don’t care about what they care about.

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