As for the development of e-learning, there are also some concerns:
● Students no longer “go to school” to learn since schooling is based at home now. Until the vaccination has done in our country no need for schooling.
● Teachers are lacking appropriate training in responding to such a crisis. Great teachers always try to use new tools and technic to teach their students. It is time to adopt the new skill. Training teachers in building their capacities and preparing them to provide distance learning and education.
● Many schools scarcely use technology in teaching and learning. They found it is the demand of the time. Always think of new solutions and modalities and measure the impact and quality thereof, and monitor, assess, and follow up on education.

● Provide professional support to teachers to build their skills and competencies to deliver
quality education in every educational setting including remote teaching.
● Ensure everyone has access to the internet and digital devices to conduct teaching and learning activities.
Invest in research programs to measure the impact of expected changes on education systems, find scientific solutions for related challenges and Share best practices to improve education systems and ensure quality.
Creating, adapting, and harmonizing curricula for distance learning Increasing the scope and reach of education to all segments of society Redefining the role of schools and developing assessment policies.
Developing innovative models for higher education and preparing students for new jobs, Increasing research and entrepreneurship, Establishing partnerships between the public and private sectors.

It is essential and inevitable to develop a worldwide framework for coordination and cooperation and initiate effective and operative partnerships between public and private institutions with the aim of providing equitable and quality education to all students around the world.

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