Does Hard Work = Success?
It is a great story you say more and more times to others.

Every week you just hold on until Friday because they hate your job. You want to start a new passive income work, which makes you more excited.

And when Sunday rolls around, you miserable because you know you have five days of work to look forward to.
When you were a young boy, the common refrain was that if you worked hard you would be successful.

Unfortunately, the idea that working hard can make you successful is a lie.
Working hard actually keeps you poor.
It seems like a simple math equation: effort = reward.

But there are a few problems.
Finally, science has proven that working long and back-breaking hours doesn’t increase your productivity.

In fact, it may make you less effective at what you do.

But you didn’t deceive yourself that those long hours were what made you successful. What made you successful were hiring great people and having them work hard for you. Once you did that, your wealth grew exponentially, and your free time did too.

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