Creating is what you are doing at present.

First you have to find something you are passionate about then create yourself in that arena.

Like a kid that discovers being a pilot and then starts learning how ?

It is oneself more reliant on perfect divine graces than on imperfect human nature.

Before focusing on creating One must clarify what yourself is,was or should be?

An act of creation is how to become a better version of ourselves.

To do this ,we need to find ourselves:-

1.First amidst challenges

2.Face difficulties,chaos,doubts,dreams,and pleasures.

3. Try not to make the human situation worse off than you found it.

4. Most of the time you have realize  “life is not about finding yourself,it is about creating yourself.”

5.Start managing your Time ……Wake up early,Create a list,Self Deadline,Stick to your Schedule.

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