1.Encourage people:
 i. You are doing it right.

 ii. You are my hero,

 iii. Giving a five reputation to live up to.

 iv. Inspiring figures, (telling a story).

 v. Do it genuinely from your heart.

  •  vi. You are indeed my hero love you.
    2. Try to solve their problem:
  •  i. Man that’s awesome!
  • ii. You really help me clarify so many things in my business.
  • iii. Online/offline courses.
  • iv. Coaching program.
  • v. Provide workbook.
  • vi. I encouraged him to take about himself.
  • a. He began to trust and invest himself.
    3. Genuinely interested.
  •   Curious
  •  Interested

4.Appeal to the part of them that wants to do good:

     a. Honesty,

     b. Fairness,

     c. Doing Good.

5. Essential for marketing and sales:

      a. What is that the visitor is most interested in.

      b. Take in terms of their interest, not yours.

     c. What do they want?

     d. What are they most interested in?

     e. Give that to them.

6. Always try to convene to them: If you want to be important to others we must make them feel important.

7. Ask a question:- Offer them

I would love to hear your ideas, on how I can grow/add value in my institute.

Ans 1. Make them feed Important.

Ans 2. Save their pride they don’t feed like your servant.

Ans 3. Free birthday party.

8. Use encouragement:

      i. Say hey, this is pretty good.

     ii. You have great eyes for design.

    iii. You are really good with words now let’s use those words to convince people; to come.

    iv. Tell them about benefits from the institute BFLA.

     v. Free Notebook/pencil.

    vi. No obligation just chase as out.

9. If you want to people live you, follow you, you like them first follow them first:

       i. Inspire them,

     ii. Motivate them

    iii. Influence

    iv. Lead

It must be genuine like them.
You have been amazing throughout this BFL academy you are definitely more like family than a friend.

I appealed to you for your dedication to your family and to your passion. Let’s continue growing, learning, and hopefully, at our crossroads, we will one day be able to collaborate as a team to give back to others.

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