Don’t afraid to take on an unfamiliar path. Sometimes they are the ones that take you to the best place. 
Communication is vital and we need to understand that this is a people business and we need to make people know like and trust.

Communication is one of the hardest things for you to learn however, I am glad that you are living in the digital age you get all the information. 

When I was a college student I was always trying to learn, I did not have to be the deal, and if someone asked me a question and I did not feel comfortable answering. 

You could justify them and they will edify me back that took a lot of pressure of me and that was also how learned.
You also learned how to say as little as possible to as many people, as possible, have a sense of urging when talking to people let them know that you are busy, that you are always available. 

It is about listening to other people, listen to understand, and not replying to the other that you care about and offer solutions so that you are able to contribute. 
Give without expecting anything in return and then money will come as a result of that I know people, don’t care, what you have to say, or how much you know unless they know that you care about them.
A good way to state a conversation with someone is to say for example (the big bro, thank you for you reaching out to me, looking forward to getting to know you and how I can serve you).

Let’s soon and have a great day. Why is talking to people ask yourself questions such as how can I add more value to this individual or how can I contribute more to this individual?

You have the best way to get someone to know live and trust you are to give, also a good tip is when talking to someone invite them at lunch breakfast fixed plate video call is much more, personal and it is really a good way to get to know one another. 

Always be authentic when talking to others, be honest and tell them the truth, and then edify your mentor for example….So why would you tell someone that someone, else is better than you simply because of what you give you get back? 

If you edify your mentor they will edify you back.  The best to learn something is through communication. 
How can you help yourself or people it is the way of communication? 

Communication continues to build on the power you have, communicate with yourself to commit, climb, concerned your mind, your small commitment creates a big impact on others or big win. 

Your input determines your outputs, it is totally depending on you what push up you forward, you learn a lot of things in your trying process, so you have to commit to personnel time and personal growth. 

When you look down you are rising up.  Remember it “Perfection is Temporary change is consistent”. 

Common sense is mandatory when you do open a discussion with some else. 

Make sure you do everything you can to be there.

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