Here attention means:- Progress, add value and intention … etc.
Distraction Lost/ Confuse/ Failing blindly.
In the middle of crises, people are suffering from lots of food problem, frustration losing their jobs, how the situation get well soon.

 Every crisis ends with lots of hopes, opportunities new ways of living life, but when a man broke, how to put his/her energy to survive this crisis and make their parents happy.

 How to create a positive environment connect all the family people together who do not behave like before, it is our duty to coordinate with each other and tried to fulfill their basic needs and make them happy, boost them with new hopes.
After one month the circumstances have been dramatically moving hopefully. The worries have been widely celebrating as a winner of his industry, a leader of society everyone focusing his/her to find out a new job, the new environment will come to serve this opportunity. Between these crises, some companies are collapse, and some rise.

There are two types of people in this world some look for opportunity and some want to live in problems. 

Firstly, some people forget his/her work they are doing. Because, they are making tik-tok videos, watching movies, criticizing others, always thinking about someone come and fulfill my dreams, they want good and delicious food without helping his wife, they want to eat more, they teasing his child, forced him to study and other meaningless works. 

After some time they start blaming others, that my parents do not carry me, after some days they take sleeping pills for sound sleep. They are suffering from anxiety and also waiting for that someone come to me and provide me food and money also.

Secondly, in the second case the people start making a routine, cleaning his house, reading motivational books, learning new skills, family management, serving his society, capital management, built relationship strong, try to help each other and makes them happy, motivate other peoples… etc…. they are looking for new hopes and new opportunities. life is not about finding your self but life is about creating your self.

Do not change your values or principles according to your prevailing time (Crises). When things become difficult a still do the right thing:- Principle of success work in good time and bad time, so what you focus on expend it or live it.

Faith vs. Fear:-
Faith: Dominate Emotion.
Fear: I have to grow my faith.

In this time leadership quality is influence:

Intentional: Value
1.Value the people.

2.Think of a mental way to add value.
3.Loop for ways to add value with someone.
4.Do important things to add value.
5.Everyone other to add values.

Note: Always remember that your gifts are greater than you are, your gifts are amazing there is no finishing line it lasts a long turn, so keep doing great work.
If you think you can you are in the right direction to take action imitatively.


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