An open mind is an open door to success.

Always Be Learning
Nothing stops success like a closed mind.

The world changes so rapidly that if you don’t keep learning, you’ll soon be left behind. The power of continual learning is unwavering. Look for lessons wherever you can find them. Read continually. Do and learn.

Walk into the fear

Ralph Waldo Emerson: “He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life.” When you are afraid to do something great, like start a business or invest in a new asset, use that fear to help propel you forward rather than turn you away.

Take Responsibility

There’s no more self-sabotaging behavior than blaming others for your mistakes.


Doing so keeps us stuck in a holding pattern, unable to grow. Why? Because we’re too busy trying to stop everybody from holding us back. In reality, we’re the only ones holding us back.

When you fail, own it.

In fact, it’s OK to fail, because your mistakes don’t define you — how you handle them does. When you succeed, own that too. Acknowledge and celebrate your victories. Learn what you can from both successes and failures and then move on.

It’s the only path forward.
You’re seeing people achieve goals and reach milestones in their careers and lives every single day.


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