Everything relates to one topic at a time. Sometimes I think I am not a master of my own theory, thoughts, and I am the process of go for big.
Doing things you deserve:
1.How I really work with our mind?
2.How I really excited, learn, feeling to produce it in my desire.

The very first relation I ever learned in my life is the most valuable relation become as an author is 95/5 rule if you write a book or finished your book it is just 5% your job is done. The other 95% is marketing absolutely must learn how to marketing?

For marketing online or offline you can help the best product or best program everything the best book in the world. You have to know how effectively marketing it you can be successful.

That’s why I have decided to invest, learned, and apply than my bookselling takes off all over the world getting sales ding ……. Ding ding. It is so excited Oh my God, it is working.
Unlimited possibilities:-
So many possibilities, incredible possibilities when your book published. Self-publication creates a book and becomes a publisher. Create a movie in 20 minutes first time a people inspired and write a book about what colour is God. It is incredible, write a book convert it into a movie or daily life. The first-time author can hit it out of the park.
I need a publisher or an agent when we write a book. Direct pay attention to what are you doing every step you must stand out from the list.

It is a good thing or it is a bad thing always keep in mind it is an amazing thing, I am not only writing a book. I need more focus on the following:
1. So at first I have a reason, I am going to create.
2. A program, a workshop, clear vision, create a cover,
3. Talk to people, people judge by conversation
4. We have to create a winning cover
5. Live classes, ride on.
6. Talk show by Sanjeev Chaudhary
7. All networks going big, discussion going on, but it is real or foundation but are you going to do with your vision, goal.
8. Imagination for writing a book, a book could be only one thing at a time, but it helps you in many ways, first download online, e-book, and program.
A book could be many things:
I talk about manifest myself, my dream, earn more than one lac per month or when we create a program it converts into One crore per month and many more. We concern with monthly, business tools, fee books available online it creates multiple sources of income.
                                      MSI                MSI                 MSI                       MSI
Sleep at night money coming in my bank account, pocket from publishing agent and translator in another language get advance to receive royalty and it just keeps adding up.
How wealthy people did these multiple sources of income? [You can write a Book in A Day]
108 things students can do [Book] now a day financial freedom.
Now it is your turn.
Billions of people are hungry.
So hunger far your story.
When I start talking about my story, convert it to a Book, how to read this, a lot of question in my mind, everything depends on your knowledge, people want to know how you differentiate your story.

What you have people are hungry for your book, know your story. The opportunity just keeps getting bigger and bigger each year. 8.17 Billion Internet users by 2025. I imagine if a small percentage of the people downloaded your book. Just imagine for a movement.

A small percent of the people take interest in my book, or my program, or whatever we offer all the people.

Just think borders are gone you live in Canada, India, and the USA… Anywhere in this world, we reach people anywhere by internet:-
1. Add some content.
2. Add value to others.
3. Create a new platform.
4. You already have a book (Program for you).
5. You want to write a book.
6. If you meet day advice/marketing etc.
7. Extend beyond the Book source of income it all alive.
8. If you want better result in your life.
9. How you effectively marketing of your Book.
10. Opportunity for every over [Farmer, Labour, actor, etc.
Special Offer:
Bonus: Direct Access to me.
10 thing
Live group Q/A calls twice per month.

Bonus 1: Any questions you want to ask me/my team.
Bonus 2: The Community
Facebook Group the things I love to do as an author, teacher, coach.
Anyone wants to help, love each other, in this group. Why you become successful because you get a good platform.
Bonus no. 3: Public Secret [Publicity]
Radio show, conference, TV, Broadcast, Webinar… etc…
Bonus No. 4: Book Lunch [Templates]
One-click and go to create the book, book launch funnel templates.
Bonus No. 5: Create your own best offers.
Get your program done and launched. I love teaching, reading, and listening to audio, and video, go to programs read and book first.
1. Create a course.
2. Provide study materials.
3. Work Book,
4. Audio.
5. Seminars.
6. Workshop.
Money and Excuse
People are good at two things making money or making excuses. You cannot be good at both.
When worse is something when you make energy.
Call me a money-making machine:
So you have to make habits of making money, developing the habits, habitual money earner I am.
Decision: Time and imagination.
What will your life be like as a bestselling author? So you have to do something today. Please, millions of lives affected what is your purpose. My purpose is millions of lives make turns of money change all the people at minimum cost create a program and write a book to influence all the people to make more money.
Do something that your future self will thank you for.
No matter more efforts is require to aim high and fulfil in life.

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